Conner Bailey
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Character information
Name Conner Jonathan Bailey
Age Fourteen
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Home World
Goal to get home (succeeded), to defeat the Enchantress (succeeded), to become a writer
Residence The Fairytale world
Relatives Fairy Godmother (grandmother)

John Bailey (father)

Robert Gordon (stepfather)

Charlotte Bailey (mother)

Alex Bailey (twin sister)

Unnamed child (Half-sibling)

Allies Alex Bailey (Twin sister), Bree Campbell (Crush), Red Riding Hood, Jack, Froggy, Goldilocks, Trixie, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Fairy Godmother (Grandmother), Sevreal unnamed friends, Rapunzel, Hope, Ash
Enemies Evly, The Huntress, Big Bad Wolf Pack, Malumclaw, Ezmia
Likes being funny, writing, his friends and family
Dislikes Mrs. Peters' lectures, being part-fairy (most of the time)
Powers and abilities Fairy Magic
Weapons Fairy Magic
Quote "I think the story is trying to tell us to keep an eye on our kids, especially if they’re pathological liars.”
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Conner Bailey is the main male protagonist of The Land of Stories.

physical descriptionEdit

Like his sister, he also had bright blue eyes and strawberry-blond hair. His face was round and freckled he had an adventurous mind but never in studying

The Wishing Spell, page 16[src]

On the covers of The Wishing Spell and The Enchantress Returns, Conner has a blue t-shirt with a white stripe around its waist, dark blue (almost black) jeans,with black-and-white sneakers.


The Wishing SpellEdit

conner follows his twin sister, Alex into another world when the twins grandmother gives them a fairytale book called the land of stories. Alex at once gets excited. After some time they realized that they are in the fairytale world when they meet a frog named froggy who tells them that all of the magical princesses are queens now. Alex asks if they are still alive and froggy says yes. Throughout the book, they meet all of the queens and the three charming brothers. When the twins travel to the troll and goblin territory, Alex and Connor meet the king trolls daughter Trollbella who immediately falls in love with Connor and starts calling him 'butter boy' though Connor doesn't feel the same about her and just wants her to leave him alone. A couple of days later Conner and Alex find out about the evil queens past and her long lost love who she trapped in her mirror and her old name Evely. The twins manage to free the man in the mirror but sadly he dies in Evey's arms after he is released. OMG Evely is heartbroken and she dies as well. Jack and goldilocks end up together, much to Red's dismay. Red wails her sadness into her lap and froggy comforts her. Meanwhile, Connor and Alex are invited to queen cinderella's newborn daughter's party. The baby girl is described to be beautiful like her mother and king chance and Cinderella name her princess hope. A few days later, the fairy godmother comes to mend cinderella's slipper which Alex and Conner were told to take by the journal froggy gives them a week before. Alex recognizes the woman as someone she knows and yells, grandma! The twins and their grandmother go home saying that they will come back someday. Back in fairytale world froggy is actually prince charlie who went missing from the castle years ago and is said to be forth charming!

A Grimm WarningEdit


  • The name "Conner" is an Irish name meaning "lover of hounds." and in book two he was probably the excitement of getting a dog until he found out in was sir Lampton as a dog.
  • Connor is most likely the younger twin.
  • Trollbella has an obsessive crush on him.
  • Trollbella calls him "Butterboy" now she calls him "Butter-man"
  • Connor has a crush on a schoolmate named "Bree"
  • Conner is a nephew to the masked man.
  • Conner is also a good writer, funny and adventurous


Maybe if his parents had kept an eye on him, he wouldn’t have been eaten. I think the story is trying to tell us to keep an eye on our kids, especially if they’re pathological liars.
―Conner Bailey, The Wishing Spell
Why do fairies always just show up and do nice things for people they don’t know?
―Conner Bailey, The Wishing Spell

I was just thinking, Alice went to Wonderland after she fell into a rabbit hole. Dorothy’s whole house was scooped up by a tornado that dropped her off in Oz. The Narnia kids traveled through an old wardrobe. . . and we ended up in the fairy-​tale world by falling through a book. I’m just saying, it’s kind of lame compared to the others.
―Conner Bailey, The Wishing Spell

There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
―Conner Bailey, The Wishing Spell
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