Princess Ash Charming is a character that first appears in A Grimm Warning. She is the adopted daughter of Queen Sleeping Beauty and King Chase Charming.


In A Grimm Warning, the royals are going along the secret path when Queen Sleeping Beauty yells for the carriages to stop because she hears something. She jumps out of the carriage and follows the sound. Goldilocks goes after her to a burned down village. The village had been raided by the Grande Armee, and there were no survivors. In a chest though, there was a crying little girl. She stops crying when Sleeping Beauty picks her up. Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty, and the baby get out of the house just seconds before it colapsess. After an argument about the royal bloodline, Sleeping Beauty convinces the others that she will adopt her and name her Ash, after the ashes of her village she was found in. Later in the book, she and Princess Hope are taken from Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella by one of the Grande Armee soldiers and thrown into a carriage with Bree and Emmerich. She and Princess Hope are later united with their mothers.


  • A Grimm Warning

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