Princess Hope
Character information
Name Princess Hope Charming
Age 4
Gender female
Occupation Princess of the Charming Kingdom
Home World
Residence The Charming Kingdom
Relatives King Chester Charming (grandfather) †

King Chance Charming (father)

Queen Cinderella (mother)

King Chase Charming, King Chandler Charming, Prince Charlie Charming (uncles) Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty (aunts)

Allies Charlotte Bailey, Alex Bailey, Conner Bailey, Fairy Godmother, Rumpelstiltskin
Enemies Ezmia
Likes her parents, being rocked, Charlotte Bailey
Dislikes being kidnapped, being separated from her parents
Powers and abilities
Quote "Mama!"
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Mama! Mama!
―Princess Hope, The Enchantress Returns, page 204

Princess Hope Charming is the only baby daughter of Cinderella and Chance Charming, and a supporting character in The Land of Stories.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

The princess was indeed beautiful. She was only a few days old but looked just like her mother, with auburn hair and bright eyes.
The Wishing Spell, page 420

History[edit | edit source]

The Wishing Spell[edit | edit source]

Princess Hope is born to Queen Cinderella and King Chance Charming at the end of The Wishing Spell. Most of the other monarchs come to her christening, as well as Alex and Conner Bailey. Cinderella names her "Hope", after the hope Evly had for finding Mira. Hope is blessed with the gifts of wisdom and health, compassion and wealth, of pride and discipline, and of beauty (though she had plenty to spare), and the Fairy Godmother blesses Hope with bravery.

The Enchantress Returns[edit | edit source]

Hope was kidnapped by Rumplestiltskin for Ezmia's plans. Charlotte Bailey had also been kidnapped by Ezmia, and Rumplestilitskin lets Charlotte nurse Hope so that he could rest. When Ezmia was defeated, she was a flower girl at Charlotte and Bob's wedding.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Mama! Mama!
―Princess Hope, The Enchantress Returns, page 204
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