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|Name = Queen Red Riding Hood |gender = Female |occupation = Queen of the Red Riding Hood Kingdom |Home World = The Land of Stories |goal = to marry Jack (failed), to be a good Queen |residence = The Red Riding Hood Kingdom |family = Grandmother (grandmother) |allies = Jack, Alex Bailey, Conner Bailey, Prince Charlie Charming, Clawdius |enemies = Evly, Ezmia, The Huntress, Big Bad Wolf, Malumclaw, Big Bad Wolf Pack, [[Ezmia] |likes = being proper and fancy, Shakespeare |dislikes = Goldilocks, disgusting things}}

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Queen Red Riding Hood, a character in The Land of Stories series, is the ruler of The Red Riding Hood Kingdom and Froggy's love interest.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Red Riding Hood has long blonde hair, baby blue eyes. and very pale skin. She carries baskets a lot, and is usually dressed in her namesake and favorite color, red.


The Wishing Spell Edit

The Enchantress ReturnsEdit


  • In A Grimm Warning, she was beaten by Little Bo Peep for the postition of queen.
  • In Beyond The Kingdoms, Froggy, during their wedding, leaves her at the altar to protect her.
  • She is perhaps the character who shows the most development throughout the series personality wise



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