Red Riding Hood
Character information
Name Queen Red Riding Hood
Gender female
Occupation Queen of the Red Riding Hood Kingdom
Home World
Goal to marry Jack (failed), to be a good Queen
Residence The Red Riding Hood Kingdom
Relatives Grandmother (grandmother)
Allies Jack, Alex Bailey, Conner Bailey, Prince Charlie Charming, Clawdius
Enemies Evly, Ezmia, The Huntress, Big Bad Wolf, Malumclaw, Big Bad Wolf Pack, Ezmia
Likes being proper and fancy, Shakespeare
Dislikes Goldilocks, disgusting things
Powers and abilities
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Queen Red Riding Hood is a supporting character in The Land of Stories.

Physical Description

Red Riding Hood was a very pretty young woman around the same age as Jack. She had bright blue eyes and blonde hair that was done up glamorously behind her crown. She wore a long, red gown with a matching hooded cape and a pink corset. She wore a necklace with a massive diamond, her shoulders were completely bare, and she wore a pair of long gloves with a dozen sparkly rings on her fingers. She was showing too much skin, wearing too much makeup, and was dressed too well for the middle of the day.
The Wishing Spell, pages 215-216


The Wishing Spell

The Enchantress Returns




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