The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning
Grimm Warning
Author Chris Colfer
Illustrator Brandon Dorman
Publication date July 8, 2014
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Enchantress Returns
Followed by
Beyond the Kingdoms
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Summary Edit

Rook and Alex began to take walks everyday. At Red's castle, Little Bo Peep wanted to rding Hood Kingdom. Alex and Rook found out that Little Bo Peep wanted to free her lover from prison. The Masked Man ( lover of Bo Peep) was freed and he is helping the arm

When all signs point to disaster for the Land of Stories, Conner and Alex must join forces with their friends and enemies to save the day. But nothing can prepare them for the coming battle...or for the secret that will change the twins' lives forever.

Character List Edit

  • Alex Bailey
  • Bree Campbell
  • Emmerich
  • Rook mom
  • Mother Goose
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Lester
  • Kings
  • Queens
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • Princess Ash
  • Princess Hope
  • General Marquis
  • The Masked Man
  • Little Bo Peep
  • Trollbella
  • Sir Lampton
  • Mrs Peters
  • Fairies
  • Froggy
  • Colonel Rembert
  • boobbu

Main characters Edit

  • Conner Bailey
  • Alex Bailey
  • Bree Campbell
  • Emmerich
  • Rook Robins
  • Mother Goose
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Royals (kings and queens)
  • General Marquis
  • masked man
  • Little Bo peep
  • Red and Froggy

Gallery Edit


1. What country came to take over? A-Great Britan B-Africa C-France

2. What business did Alex have in the land of stories? A-Fairy training B-Attacking the TAGT

C-Fixing the castle's plumbing

3. Who's idea was it to get a dragon? A- The enchantress B-the Masked Man C-Rumplestiltskin

4. Who had the dragon egg? A-The Snow Queen B-Froggy C-Trobella

5. What Queen got a baby? A- Rapunzel B-Red RidingHood C- Sleeping Beauty


1. C 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. C


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