Character information
Name Trix
Gender Female
Occupation Fairy
Home World
Goal to not be banished
Residence The Fairy Kingdom
Allies Conner Bailey, Alex Bailey
Enemies Unnamed Male Fairy
Dislikes being banished, being called small
Powers and abilities Fairy Magic
Weapons Fairy Magic
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Trix is a minor character in The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell.

Physical DescriptionEdit


The Wishing SpellEdit

Conner and Alex Bailey meet Trix, sitting on a rock and crying. Trix explains that another fairy was provoking her, so she turned his wings into prune leaves for a few moments, and might be banished from the Fairy Kingdom for it. Conner collects a tear, to Alex's disdain, and they accompany her to her trial. The Fairy Council tries to ban Trix, but Conner stands up for her, then points out that they have bigger things to worry about, like the trolls and goblins enslaving people. The Fairy Council then pardons Trix, and Trix lets Conner and Alex spend the night at her house, though they can't fit and have to sleep underneath it on the ground.


  • Despite being a minor character, Trix has a huge role in the story, as she supplies the tear for the Wishing Spell.



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